A Few of Online Blackjack Tips

Playing blackjack online is slightly different from the good-old table game. For starters, even though there is a software fulfilling the role of dealer, you will basically run the game, and that means you can take your time to think if needed, pause the game, etc. Then, unless you decide otherwise it is free online blackjack all you want. There are other features that are used only with online games.

One of the best online blackjack tips that you can come across is do not waste your time on counting cards. Why? Well, what would seem as a real swell method, is actually going to mess up your game. Since casinos do not want you to count cards so you won’t have an edge over the house, modern casino software is programmed to return the dealt cards right back to the deck and reshuffle them. You can count all you want, but the cards will circle around. That’s why when you play online blackjack it is always one deck of cards.

Instead, it would be much wiser to use the strategy chart. This chart is available online – you can print it and use while you are playing. This is actually okay with the casino – such cheat-sheets are even allowed to be use in land-based casinos. Such chart is usually either symbol or color coded, and presents you the most optimal, mathematically speaking, calls for every variation of hands.  Such strategy is considered to be one of the most effective game-plans. Of course it doesn’t guarantee winning 100% of times, however is said to significantly reduce the casinos edge. Test out this chart while playing free rounds of blackjack online.