Best Blackjack Tips for You

One of the best blackjack tips will tell what NOT to do while you are either playing at the real casino table or online. Okay, so do not play the 6:5 payoff game. A very convincing reason for that is that it really increases the house edge. Ask the dealer or check the sites (you can even contact the customer service for that) but make sure you do not get involved with 6:5 games.

Same goes for the insurance on the blackjack dealer hand – never take one. The odds that it will help you are ridiculously low, so in most cases it is just handing casino some more money, so always refuse it.

Next, there is the best blackjack strategy (which very well could be following the chart), and there are some bad ones. One of the worst ones is to never bust. From the first glance it might make perfect sense – I never bust, I never lose, what else is there? But with you taking the safe route the dealer has insanely increased odds of getting more points than you and staying under 21. Don’t use this strategy – it doesn’t work. Another familiar strategy is to assume the ten – it works pretty much the same, which it never works. If you use this one the dealer will also have much more chances to beat you.

These are just the few main things to avoid. Hopefully, over some time you will figure out all of them and become a real pro, so good luck.