Blackjack Strategy for Those Who Want to Advance

If you got down the basic blackjack rules and the point of the game, next it is recommended that you get acquainted with blackjack strategy. You probably noticed already that it is quite hard to play relying just on your guessing skills (whatever they are supposed to mean), but you don’t need to – many players got their games going with the help of blackjack strategy chart.

This chart is a square table, on the left side of which you will see all possible player hands combinations (including soft, hard and split variations) and on the top there will be all the dealer hands combinations. In the middle there will be a grip of symbols, located right in the cross-sections of any given hands – those symbols represent the most optimal call for a player at any given player/dealer hands combination. All the symbols can represent stand, hit, double, split, and some other. They are mathematically calculated and represent the most optimal scenario for a player in terms of odds. If you decide to use one, you have to stick it to it for the entire game – you can just play one way and then decide to look up the chart for a bet or two.

There are charts for various number of deck games, the most complicated of which can have up to 520 cells, but for the beginning just try to understand the simple blackjack strategy, which is the same chart only has way less cells because it is generalized to fit all the blackjack versions. The best part you do not have to memorize any of that because such charts are allowed at the casinos. And they do not allow the card counting, go figure.