Fun Facts About Blackjack

A lot of folks like playing blackjack and even are very good at it, however not everyone knows where it came from and all the points it had to hit before it became the blackjack that we know now. It is one of the oldest casino games and still remains one of the most important attractions of any house.

So original blackjack… actually nobody knows the original game. There is no sure source or origin of blackjack predecessor, twenty one. The very first time it gets mentioned in the world literature is in 1602, in a little book that was written by Miguel de Cervantes. Yes, the author of the great piece called “Don Quixote.” That relatively unknown book, was part of the series in which two trouble-makers earn money by cheating the game of 21. To this date Italians and the French argue for the right to be the ones who invented it. According to various sources, Napoleon Bonaparte was a real fan of this game.

Blackjack once was an illegal game in the United States. The ban was enforced in the 19th century and up until the mid twentieth century this game was played only in some underground clubs and other half-legal establishments.

Modern blackjack has a couple of things in common with the game of… baseball. The seats around the blackjack table are called “bases”, and to distinguish which is which, they are numbered first base, third base, however the second base is absent.

There is a Blackjack Hall of Fame. To be inducted you do not have to waste a fortune at a casino or something, no, but you do have to contribute to this game somehow. The previous inductees were authors, scientists, and game experts, etc.